Double station double head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-DJ200

Mascoon double station double head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-DJ200 is a professional and intelligent seamless dot glue machine machine for making seameless bra, underwear, sportswear, sports shoes and more.

Working Speed:

0~10M/min adjustable

Working Pressure:


Tape Sidth:


Power Supply:


  • Professional, Easy to use and Efficient Intelligent Dot Glue Machine

    Double station double head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-DJ200 is an intelligent and automatic dot glue machine to instead manual gluing work and realize the intelligent producing of seamless bra, underwear, yoga suits, shoes and more. The English operating system is easy to use and understand, operator can learn it in short time.

  • More Powerful with Carefully Designed Functions

    The glue dispensing function can draw and apply points, lines, surfaces, arcs and irregular curves on clothes and fibers. There are other functions such as setting area arrays, translation and rotation operations.

  • Makes perfect and comfortable seamless bra, yogo clohtes, underwear and more.

    Double station double head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-DJ200 makes perfect and comfortable bra, yogo clohtes, underwear and more.

  • Functions and Features

    1. The dispensing machine adopts advanced high-speed jet technology, double-station double-head jet valve dispensing, which can operate two pieces of underwear at the same time.

    2. The size of the glue amount, glue speed, glue dispensing time, and glue stop time can all be parameterized.

    3. Industrial control map, precise and simple positioning, more convenient for drawing changes.

    4. With special glue controller, the glue output is stable, the glue is clean, and there is no glue leakage.

    5. The machine can replace 6 manual operations, saving costs.

    6. Product servo configuration, high precision, stable performance and long service life.

    7. The equipment adopts all-inclusive design to protect the work and better avoid the contamination of the clothing factory.

    8. Pure screw module configuration, high dispensing accuracy, and the movement does not shake.

    9. The internal configuration of booster pump and gas storage tank makes the gas source more stable, more uniform, and sufficient glue dispensing.




    CCD   Resolution



    Double valves

    Repetition Accuracy


    Stroke XYZ


    Transmission   Mode

    Five-axis servo screw + switching plate (belt)

    Max Speed


    Control Mode

    Point, line, straight line, arc, circle, square glue, continuous spray dot or line

    Working power   supply

    AC380V 50~60Hz/1.2KW

    Adjustable   temperature


    Machine   Weight


    Machine Size


    Glue Barrel


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