Single station single head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-1MJ

Mascoon single station single head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-1MJ is a professional and intelligent seamless dot glue machine machine for making seameless bra, underwear, sportswear, sports bags, sports shoes and more.

Working Max Speed:


Working Pressure:


Adjustable temperature:


Power Supply:

AC220V 50~60Hz/1KW

  • Professional, Easy to use and Efficient Intelligent Dot Glue Machine

    Mascoon single station single head jet valve PUR dot glue machine MS-1MJ which can replace manual gluing and realize the intelligent production of seamless bras, underwear, yoga clothes, shoes, bags and others. English operating system is easy to use and understand, but also through the U disk and computer directly upload and download program files, convenient data management and storage.

  • More diverse and enhanced dispensing function

    The glue dispensing function can draw and apply points, lines, surfaces, arcs, and irregular curves on clothes and fibers. The size of glue, speed of glue spread, dispensing time and time of halting dispensing can be set. No glue seepage, glue leakage. Applicable glue: PUR hot met adhesive, Epoxy Resin, UV glue, Red glue and others.

  • More flexible and comfortable than ordinary seamless design

    Hot pressing is carried out within 4 hours after PUR dispensing. It is suitable for industries such as underwear, clothing, Led lens, shoe material, electronics, automobile, 3C and so on.

  • Functions and Features

    1. Adopting advanced technology of high speed jet, single head jet valves dispensing.

    2. Internal configuration with booster pump and gas storage tank: make the air source more stable, more uniform and full dispensing.

    3. Industrial control chart, accurate and simple positioning, easy to learn and understand.

    4. Controlled by imported diagrams: the operation interface is simple and it's convenient to change the drawing.

    5. 5050 square welding: The equipment frame is stable and firm, more suitable for high-speed movement operation.

    6. Easy to replace the nozzle, point size controllable.

    7. Pure screw module configuration: the dispensing accuracy is high and the movement won't be shake, long service life.




    Working   Table size



    Single valves

    Working   Pressure


    Stroke XYZ

    Transmission   Mode

    servo screw  + switching plate (belt)

    Max Speed


    Control Mode

    Point, line,  straight line, arc, circle, square glue, continuous spray dot or line

    Working   power supply

    AC220V   50~60Hz/1KW

    Adjustable   temperature


    Machine   Weight



    The size can be customized

    Glue Barrel

    Pur 300ml

    Heating Qty


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