Silicone VS. Hydrogel

Apr 13, 2023

For a long time, hydrogel has been favored by the seamless lingerie industry because of its cheap price and high adhesion. The emergence of silicone broke this situation, and this more stable, durable and environmentally friendly material gradually replaced hydrogel as the best choice for making seamless lingerie.

What is the difference between hydrogel and silicone?

Hydrogel is a polymer material, also known as super absorbent resin or hydrogel, usually made of cross-linked polymers. There are two main categories of hydrogels: one is natural hydrogels, such as sodium alginate; the other is synthetic hydrogels, such as polyacrylamide, sodium polyacrylate, etc.

Silica gel is mainly composed of silicate and water molecules, and its adsorption performance is related to its surface area, pore size, surface activity, etc.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogel and silicone in the seamless lingerie industry?

  • Hydrogel

  1. The adsorption capacity of hydrogel is stronger than silicone, which can better fix the lingerie and prevent it from going out of position.

  2. The softness of hydrogel is higher, and the fit is better and more comfortable.

  3. The hydrogel will become more fragile and fragile after absorbing water compared to silicone.

  4. The environmental friendliness of hydrogel is relatively poor, because it will release harmful substances.

  5. Hydrogel may cause skin irritation.

  • Silicone

  1. Silicone can withstand higher temperatures and acidity, and is more durable

  2. Silicone is chemically stable and can withstand multiple washings

  3. Silicone is suitable for brushing and dispensing machines, while hydrogel is only suitable for brushing machines

  4. Silica gel adsorbs water slowly and needs some time to be fixed

  5. The price of silicone is relatively high

This is the features and comparison of hydrogel and silicone. We can learn that silicone is the more advanced, safe and durable choice for seamless lingerie industry. MASCOON provides both silicone and dispensing machines of good quality. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs.

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