What're the advantages of ultrasonic applied in the garment production?

May 13, 2022

Ultrasonic cutting machine was first used for plastic welding, and then it was widely used in the textile industry. Today,it has been fully used int he clothing industry by the garment manufacturers from abroad, such as clothing cutting and sewing workshop, trimming workshop, medical cloth or medical products production factory, cloth processing workshop and industrial fabric production factory. The technology, which does not require sewing thread or other supplies, is four times faster than ordinary sewing machines and 10 times faster than gluing. Ultrasonic sewing uses the pneumatic cloth guide and manual feeding material that does not need operator to adjust or guide, as long as a little care then it can work, the ordinary sewing worker can operate ultrasonic sewing machine after a simple training.

I. What's the mechanism of ultrasonic sewing  machine?

Ultrasonic sewing machine uses high frequency vibration to bond two or more layers of materials together. Vibration can quickly accumulate heat energy between materials, cause materials to melt, and make materials firmly stick together.  Sewing and bonding are done by means of two key components in the ultrasonic device: the bell and the anvil roll.  When the synthetic fiber material passes under the bell, the vibration is transmitted directly to the fabric. The vibration quickly generates heat, which melts the synthetic fibers in the material and binds the edges of the fabric together. It also keeps the selvage from being chafed.  If multiple layers of material are passed through, the layers are joined together.  The heat accumulated through vibration is limited, so the fabric as a whole is not damaged by high temperatures.  

The material is supported by anvil rollers as it passes through the bell, and the fabric is cut to create a decorative selvage or seaming effect.  Jacquard wheel stamping cutting machine or non - rotating cutting device can be arranged on the anvil roll.  Vibration causes the fabric to be cut apart and sewn along the edge of a press cutter or trimming device.

II.What's the role of ultrasonic in sewing and manufacturing process ?

(1) Cutting and making clothing;  

(2) Cutting or trimming of synthetic or nonwoven fabric on the loom;  

(3) Cut the textile materials into strips, silk strips or other strip products;  

(4) single impact can be used to punch holes;  

(5) processing type tablecloths, gaskets and curtains;  

Disposable diapers for cutting and sealing leakproof  

III. What material will be suitable for ultrasonic? 

The best material for ultrasonic sewing is 100% synthetic fiber material or blend fabric with no more than 40% natural fiber.  Nonwovens, thermoplastic woven fabrics, elastic fabrics or knitted materials are ideal for ultrasonic cutting and sewing, including polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, certain polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane elastic fibers and acetate fibers.  Generally speaking, the higher the thermoplastic fiber content, the easier the ultrasonic cutting and sewing.  

If two different fabrics are bonded together, it is desirable that the two materials have the same melting temperature and sewing requirements.  When the two materials are similar, they can reach the bonding stage between colleagues. If the materials are different, one fabric melts earlier than the other.  In addition, other factors such as production speed, fabric thickness, material density and material surface uniformity should be considered during ultrasonic production.  These are related to the selection of ultrasonic devices and the design of the bell mouth, in order to make the processing products to achieve the best performance.  

IV.Whatre the applications of Ultrasonic during the garments production?

1) Make coats

2) Make sleeve and cut the elastic band

3) Make the lace and patterns

4) Seamless bonding/sealing

5) Special purpose

Ultrasonic technology has strong, clean and tightly stitched processing ability, so ultrasonic technology has a wide range of applications in the medical textile industry. The Occupational health regulations of the United States require that medical garments have tight stitches that can be resistant to germs. Ordinary sewing methods leave pinholes on medical clothing, and there are gaps between thread and glue, through which bacteria and pollutants can enter the clothing and harm the human body. Ultrasonic is of great significance to the cutting, welding and edge sealing of medical clothing, outer cover, shirt and hat. Because ultrasonic bonding will not leave pinholes and gaps on the clothes, greatly reducing the possibility of pollutants and bacteria into the human body. Ultrasonic sewed medical protective clothing can meet the safety and hygiene standards.

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