What Can the Multifunctional Bonding Machine Do?

May 08, 2023

What are the features of multifunctional bonding machine?

 Simple Operation

Touch screen control

Convenient to change the mould


Taping, Overlapping, Folding and U-type Wrapping optional in one machine.

 Excellent Performance

Four heating devices on the top and bottom to make the bonding stronger.

Free pressure adjustment and independent speed control, suitable for all kinds of fabric

 High Automation

Automatic temperature control system, applied to a wide range of fabrics and adhesive films.

Automatic material feeding system, intelligent control of the tightness of the adhesive film according to tension.


What can the multifunctional bonding machine do?

Folding, lapping, tapping and U-type folding of various non-marking garments such as underwear, panties, T-shirts, yoga pants, etc. It can be used for side seam bonding, zipper bonding, panel bonding with tape and etc.





 U-type Folding




These are the features and functions of multi-functional bonding machine. MASCOON provides high quality multi-functional bonding machine, if you need, please feel free to contact us.

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