What are the advantages of seamless garments?

Oct 26, 2021

What is seamless garment technology?

Many clothing manufacturers have been hit hard as the industry's competitive market minimizes profitability. Many people have also come up with ways to minimize production costs. In the existing production system, the cutting and sewing process is mostly labor-oriented. The sewing process may create pinholes in the sewn product, reducing marketability, and stress in the seam area may also lead to premature clothing failure. Finally, cutting and sewing is a labor-intensive process that creates a human error, and then the cutting process leads to more fabric waste.

The clothing industry is seamless garment technology progress, it removes the fabric laying, cutting and sewing process, the seamless garment is adopting special equipment produced by means of weft is basically a molding of dress, using the production of high elastic knitting garment, underwear, and high elastic sportswear of high and new science and technology, make no seams in areas such as the neck, waist, hip.

The seamless garment is by professional specific seamless machines produced by a specific programming complete knitting products, which does not require any cutting and stitching, and in the different parts of the products add the different organizational structure, design changes over human personality, in different parts of the body to produce different extrusion effect, the whole body comfortable, intimate, Wear will produce the role of body shaping or functional health care.

Advantages of seamless garment

1. Seamless garment has a high level of comfort

Wearers like seamless clothes because they are forgiving, non-restrictive and non-binding. The lack of seams improves the comfort of body movement. As consumer demand for more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing clothing continues to increase. Seams tend to wrinkle and create friction on the skin. Seamless garments are knitted to eliminate bulky elastic bands and provide increased comfort.

The main seamless products are underwear, outerwear, sportswear, shapewear and swimwear, all of which are highly elastic, fine to very fine fabrics, made of microfiber, requiring good ductility and softness; Hence the added comfort.


2. Let your body move more freely

Generally, the elasticity of the seam part of any garment is different from that of the body fabric, so the difference in elasticity will affect the free movement of the body. The garments fit the body precisely, creating a suffocating, clean look. Seamless garments fit smoothly into your individual shape and create fewer lines under the garment, resulting in a more streamlined silhouette. The softness of seamless knitted fabrics is combined with the use of antibacterial and hydrophilic yarns to create optimum characteristics for sportswear.

More widely is suitable for different size range: in a single garment measurement, due to its high elasticity, can be applied to the different size range of wider suitable range, under his arm, shoulder and necklines where no may cause stimulation to the wearer's bulky and annoying stitches because clothing has no structure, it only provides soft feeling.

3. Reduce labor costs and space requirements

In addition to providing consumers with increased comfort and better fit by eliminating seams, this innovative technology enables the entire garment to be made with minimal intervention in the cutting and sewing process, resulting in significant cost and time savings, increased productivity, rapid response and timely production. Seamless garment significantly reduces human involvement by eliminating cutting and sewing processes. Except in a few cases in the garment production system, sewing operations are less involved, resulting in smaller space requirements.

4. Seamless garments have high quality and durability

Seamless garments have no belt breaks, belt or side seams, and are more durable due to a high proportion of man-made fibers such as nylon. A wide range of techniques for selective bonding and disengagement can be wisely used to produce ready-to-use custom garments, thereby reducing cloth waste.

5. It saves time and costs

In traditional production methods, the fabric is the starting point for most garments. The fabric is dyed, the pattern is cut, and the pieces are sewn together. If printing or embroidery is part of the design, these are additional steps taken later in the production process. But in seamless production, there is no fabric. An Italian machine can complete an entire product in minutes; The machine will automatically weave parts such as belts and hemlines. Seamless garments take 30 to 40 percent less time to make than cut-and-sew versions, minimizing the traditional labor-intensive cut-and-sew steps.

6. Rapid and accurate customization is possible while designing diversity

Seamless garment technology can not only create multiple types of tubular knitted garments, but also construct different design structures on the tubular knitted garment at the same time. Just-in-time production is possible with the help of seamless technology. In some markets, seamless knitting can be considered for mass customization, where a computerized system changes designs quickly to meet customer requirements.

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