How to Make A Seamless Panty?

Dec 01, 2022

What are the parts of a seamless panty?

  • Elastic Waistband – support and hold the panty upright and should stay flat on the body

  • Crotch Panel – Covers the genital area. Must be lined with absorbent and comfortable fabric

  • Leg Openings – Completes the panty structure and is ergonomically useful. It should not hug too tightly

  • Back Coverage – Best to ensure that it offers full rear coverage to support the buttocks



How to make different parts of a seamless panty?

 For Leg Openings

Just cut the pieces. Notice: Not suitable for all the fabrics.

Hem the pieces. Use MS-107 to lay down the adhesive tapes and then hem by MS-208 or iron, hot press by MS-D38 at last.

 For Waist

Lay down adhesive tapes on the edge by MS-107 and then hem by MS-208 or iron, finally use MS-D38 to press flatly.

 For Side Seam

Lay down adhesive tapes on the edge by MS-107, then overlap by iron, press by MS-214050, finally make bar-tack by ultrasonic or sewing.

 For Crotch

Lay down adhesive tapes by MS-107, bond the crotch by iron, then flat press it by MS-D38.

 For Label

Stamp a label by MS-SS1


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