What is the Point of Ultrasonic Welding in the Apparel Industry?

Nov 12, 2022

What is ultrasonic welding?

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to work pieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. Ultrasonic vibration is especially effective in welding materials that are not compatible and is popular by its ability to join two parts without soldering, bolts nails, or glue. Common frequencies used in ultrasonic welding of textiles is from 20kHz to 40kHz.

Two processes are commonly used for textiles: The pure welding of materials and the gluing of two materials with an adhesive film or band.


Why is ultrasonic welding so popular?

 Speed:  The major positives of using ultrasonic welding that it’s a remarkably quick process. The transmission of ultrasonic high-frequency vibrating acoustic waves through the horn permits materials to be heated, melt and cool extremely quickly.

 Safety: Utilizing the ultrasonic equipment for welding is safe in comparison to other methods. Energy produced by ultrasonic is precisely targeted, which decreases the risk of injuries caused by wrong position. Furthermore, the heat generated is localized, and rapidly dissipated. Protective clothing, diving suits etc. must be ultrasonically welded, otherwise contaminants will enter through the pinholes.

 Reliability: Once it is assembled and checked ultrasonic welding equipment can operate with a high degree of reliability. The process is able to be automated to ensure that thousands of pieces can be successfully welded with no human involvement.

 Quality: Ultrasonic welding creates an extremely precise and clean joint. If used correctly Ultrasonic welding equipment generates no deformation or plastic flash and produces a smooth almost invisible seam that does not require repairs.

 Flexibility: Ultrasonic welding can be used on a range of components and materials. The fabrics could be knitted, woven, non-wovens, laminates or coated materials. Films can be added to the textile surfaces.

 Lower costs: The process of ultrasonic welding is extremely efficient. It does not require needles or threads to connect two pieces, which helps to cut down on the material cost in the process. Additionally, since ultrasonic welding is extremely precise and produces joints of high quality parts, scrapping of the part is kept to an absolute minimal level. The capability to limit human involvement in the course of welding and afterwards process helps keep labor cost at minimal.


How to apply ultrasonic in apparel industry?

The list of possible applications is long and adds new fields to the classic sewing applications: underwear, outerwear, outdoor clothing, active sportswear, medical products, technical textiles of all kinds, plus protective clothes. Ultrasonic welding can be applied to

 Bond fabrics seamlessly

 Hem seamlessly with film or band

 Make ribbons, laces and trims

 Straight superimposed seam with cutting

Selection of ultrasonic machines from MASCOON

 Ultrasonic seamless fusion edge cutting machine MS-20UC/28UC/35UC

For cutting and gluing fabric, making beautiful trims, three ultrasonic power options(20Khz, 28Khz, 35Khz), cutter wheels can be customized.

 Ultrasonic seamless gluing and trimming machine MS-28UCP/38UCP

For cutting and bonding fabrics with a neat and smooth edge, suitable for a wide range of fabrics and adhesive films.

MASCOON is focused on providing the best full automatic solutions to our clients. We specialize in supplying kinds of full automatic tipping machines, seamless bonding machines, folding machines, gluing machines, hot air seam sealing machines, ultrasonic cutting machines, label printing machines, label cutting machines, etc. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs.

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