Why it is important to add labels to clothing

Nov 15, 2021

Apparel label printer is a machine specialized in printing clothing labels. The clothing label printer is very diversified. It can make self-adhesive labels or stickers, or directly print or make labels. Mascoon Sewing provides high-quality and efficient clothing labeling machines, which can easily and perfectly make labels on any type of clothing, such as underwear, T-shirts, yoga clothes, suits, etc.

What is a clothing label?

The clothing label is the brand hanging on various clothing, including some clothing materials, washing precautions, and other information. From the point of view of texture, most of the materials used to make hang tags are paper, but also plastic and metal. In addition, a new type of tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials has also appeared. From the perspective of its shape, it is even more diverse: there are long strips, half-folds, rounds, triangles, pockets, and other special shapes. It is really colorful and dazzling.

The role of clothing labels

The most important clothing label is the hangtag on the clothing. This can also be regarded as the brand logo of the clothing. It usually contains product information and the uniform retail value of the clothing. There are also labels that indicate the material of the clothes, which is the composition of the clothes. There is usually a label on the collar of the clothes, which will indicate the size of the clothes, such as M, L, XL, XX, etc.

According to Chinese national standards for textiles and clothing, there are eight items for the tag: 1. The name and address of the manufacturer; 2. The name of the product; 3. The product number or specification; 4. The fiber composition and content; 5. The maintenance method; 6. Implemented product standards; 7. Safety category; 8. Precautions for use and storage; 9. Product quality level


Clothing label printing

The design, printing, and production of clothing labels must be very particular, especially graphic design. It should be treated as a small print advertisement, and many elements must be carefully considered: such as necessary ingredient instructions and washing instructions, especially washing. The guidance should not be too simple; for functional clothing such as down jackets, shaping underwear, thermal clothing, etc., there should be detailed instructions for use. Don't simply use a few standard washing icons to reflect. For complex instructions, you can use the form of legends or even cartoons to make it so vivid and innovative; you can use pictures appropriately, such as photos of supermodels and beautiful women wearing products, giving people an intuitive feeling and making consumers feel about the brand. The product has a deeper impression and has played a good role in promotion and promotion; barcode (Barcode) has become a symbol of modern logistics. Supermarkets and large shopping malls require products to be marked with barcodes, so don't forget to put barcodes on them. Regarding the use of barcodes and product classification, they must be scientific and reasonable, and cannot be coded casually;

With the increasing prosperity of the clothing market, competition is bound to become more intense. For brands and famous brand manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products, various anti-counterfeiting technologies can be used, which not only protects their own interests but also safeguards The rights and interests of the vast number of consumers; the words of thanks and wishes are printed to give people a sense of intimacy. It is best to be accompanied by simple and elegant poems to impress consumers; in view of the seasons, consumer objects, and product characteristics, the tags are designed as calendars, bookmarks, greeting cards, and other collections that consumers love, cherish and appreciate, and become lasting advertise.

Clothing label machine supplier

Mascoon Sewing provides high-quality and efficient clothing labeling machines, which can easily and perfectly make labels on any type of clothing.

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